Karen Murray, RN, BScN

Woodstock, Ontario

Nursing Services

Basic & Advanced Foot/Lower Limb Care

Certification and specialized training in provision of care to high-risk clients including the geriatric population and those with diabetes, arthritis, vascular disorders and autoimmune disorders.
Care includes:
  • full health assessment,
  • identification and treatment of problem areas (including pain; foot/lower leg conditions; nail and skin conditions such as Ingrown nails, corns, calluses, warts; occupation-related conditions),
  • Onyfix Nail Correction System for Ingrown and Involuted Nails (Health Canada approved treatment that is painless, safe and effective.  For more info:  https://www.onyfix.com/ca-en)
  • custom-made silicone molds for foot changes/deformities, to prevent pain, pressure areas, corns etc
  • compression-stocking fittings,
  • health education,
  • routine care,
  • referral as needed.
I am passionate about this care because I have witnessed the benefits to my clients, including improved comfort, health, and mobility.

Wound Care, Post-Surgical Care, Nursing Care

Care for wounds including dressing changes, packings, assessment, and monitoring for healing.
Care after surgery including assessment and monitoring.
Other Nursing Interventions and care within the scope of a Registered Nurse.

Case Management & Medical Monitoring

Comprehensive assessment, planning, facilitation, coordination, and advocacy for care and services within the Community.
Medical monitoring and liaison with other Health Care Providers.

Injection - Medication Administration

Injection of physician-prescribed medications.
Intra-muscular or sub-cutaneous.

Other Nursing Services

Please contact me directly about other Nursing Services. I would be happy to discuss your health care needs and how I can help.

Clinic services available at Woodstonian Health, 300 Main St, in Woodstock, ON.
Mobile Services also available.
Medical receipts provided for Insurance, Benefits, Vet Affairs, and Income-tax purposes. Direct billing available with some companies.
Client feedback matters to me. I also hope that hearing from others is helpful to you in knowing what care you can expect from me.
I welcome feedback anytime, by phone, email or in-person.
Susan M.
"Karen is a very kind gentle person who has a terrific work ethic. She is professional, knowledgeable and thorough. My feet have never felt better! I highly recommend her!"
Amanda M.
"Karen is a wonderful and caring foot care nurse. She exceeds expectations and truly goes above and beyond for her clients."

"A patient of Karen that we know is so impressed with her genuine care, concern, and compassion. He was in tears with how much he appreciates her. His health has deteriorated and he finds it difficult to rely on others to assist with medical needs. Karen understands and brings a ray of sunshine to his days. Thank you, Karen! You are the best."
"I highly recommend Karen Murray at the Woodstonian for her excellent foot assessment and foot care. Karen puts me completely at ease and she is very thorough in her assessment of my feet, toes, and toenails. I suffer from post chemotherapy neuropathy and I am a Type 2 diabetic, so I need to be diligent with my footcare to prevent any injury or infection. She has made several observations and recommendations. I have checked with my family doctor who agrees with Karen's suggestions. I am confident of Karen's ability to effectively care for me."